Tacos To Go!

Build your own Taco Bar

Pick up some of your favorite tacos and take them to your home, office, school, friend in the hospital or even jail (on visitation days). Our taco-bar-to-go is great for any size event. Due to quality reasons we do not offer the following tacos for your taco bar: queso a la plancha, pescado, hongos, taco estilo abril, el pulpo…or any of our brunch tacos.

We offer two sizes of trays for your convenience; our small tray will make 10 tacos and our large tray will make 30 tacos. All tortillas, salsas and cheeses will be in separate, disposable containers so you can use what we provide or put it in your own dish and say you made it, “like your guests will believe that.” We also offer wire chafer stands, for keeping your food warm, at a minimal additional charge.

We ask for 24 hour notice; however we will do our best to accommodate orders with less than 24 hours.

We do require payment by credit card the morning of the pickup.

TACOS   (small is 10 tacos  ~ large is 30 tacos ~ see main menu for descriptions)

Carnitas  $38 sm / $110 lg
Pollo Molcajete $33 sm / $88 lg
Asada $62 sm / $165 lg
Barbacoa $40 sm / $116 lg
Lengua  $40 sm / $109 lg
Rajas con crema y maiz $38 sm / $116 lg
Camaron a la parilla $45  sm / $120 lg
Pork Belly $42 sm / $117 lg
Vegan  $36 sm / $95 lg


Pinche Cesar $33 sm / $62 lg
Arugula & Watermelon  $44 sm / $77 lg
Grilled Veg  $70 sm / $129 lg



Just-made Chips with Lime & Salt  large tray only (serves 15-20 as appetizer)  $6.00

Guacamole   one quart (serves 15-20 as appetizer)  $30

Churros   large tray (20 pieces per tray) with Mexican hot chocolate sauce  $20

Any House-made Salsa   one quart (serves 15-20 as appetizer)  $15

Our House-made Salsas include:

Pico de Gallo – tomato, white onion, chile serrano, cilantro, fresh lime – Mild
Roasted Tomatillo – tomatillo, white onion, garlic, chile serrano, cilantro – Mild

Yessina Abuela – boiled tomato, garlic, white onion, chile serrano then puréed – Medium
Molcajete – grilled tomato, white onion, garlic – Medium
Salpicon – english cucumber, radish, red onion, chile habanero, cilantro, fresh lime – Hot
Xnic-Pec – tomato, white onion, chile habanero, cilantro, fresh lime – Hot
Casera – roasted chile habanero, white onion, fresh lime – Hot

Devil Sauce – chile de arbol with grilled tomato & onion – Hot

Additional items:

  • Chafing Dish Kit—$15.00—Includes disposable wire chafing dish w/2 Sterno burners (2.25 hours), 1 large pan for water and 2 half-pans for meat and tortillas. Each chafing dish will hold 1 large tray of meat and 1 tray of tortillas (60 tortillas), or 2 larger trays of meat.