We are starting small, but we have big goals!

Our team at KTM Restaurant Group is both excited and very fortunate to have created a volunteer division of our company that will focus on giving back to our community. Our group of volunteers work with several schools, organizations, and events each year – Share Our Strength, Give Paws, Maxfund, Community Shares, Glass Half Full, International School of Denver, Southmoor Elementary School, Alzheimers Association, and Bromwell Elementary School.

In addition to these fantastic charity groups, our volunteers are looking many years ahead and hope to eventually have a day-to-day impact on a group of amazing people that are on the Autism Spectrum. Although our goals are lofty, we know they are obtainable. Please help us in developing I Am Your FRIEND, and C & C Town.


Many kids and adults that have been diagnosed with ASD experience challenges making friends. The amazing group of volunteers we are organizing will work with local schools and organizations to develop personal friendships with children and adults on the spectrum. Each FRIEND volunteer will commit to specific hours each month to spend quality time with their new friend.

We are looking to fill the following volunteer positions:

FRIEND: The best position of all! Child or adult that can commit to several hours each month to spend quality time with their new friend. Attending events, playing sports, or just hanging out are some of the activities you can do to make your FRIEND smile. And when your FRIEND smiles, you smile.

Legal: Looking for an attorney that can dot our “I’s” and cross our “T’s” on paperwork.

Collector:  Our perfect volunteer would have a knack for giving but more importantly GETTING. Getting local professional sports teams as well as amusement parks, theatres, and other organizations to donate or dramatically reduce tickets or passes.

Match Maker: Next to being a FRIEND, this is the coolest job! You get to meet with local schools, church groups, and organizations to match our FRIENDS. You will work with kids and adults on the spectrum as well as those who are typically developing.

The Banker: Sh*t ain’t cheap – we need this person to be a superstar at planning and organizing fundraising events. Cash is King baby.

C & C Town

Named after my two favorite people in the world, one of which is on the spectrum. My son Carter was diagnosed at age two and his brother Cash. My twin boys teach everyone they meet how autism fits in today’s world.

Kids and adults on the spectrum come in many different packages, with many different kinds of abilities and challenges. What happens to our friends that are non-verbal, and are not self-sufficient after their caregiver passes on? Who will guide them through day-to-day activities?

We will, that’s who! This is our long-term goal as well as our most costly.

Our goal has three parts:

1. Get people thinking (we already did that because you just read this).

2. Organize a group of volunteers that can make this happen. We need money, real estate, construction, legal, medical options, food service, professional caregivers, educators, as well as people to tell us what we missed.

3. Make it happen!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in any aspect, please email us at [email protected]We need as many hands on deck as possible.

Volunteers receive: big smiles, and gift cards. For every hour you volunteer, you receive a gift card loaded with $5 to spend at any Tacos Tequila & Whiskey location.