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Rock your next party with catering from pinche tacos!

Pick up some of your favorite tacos from Tacos Tequila Whiskey and take them to your home, office, school, friend in the hospital or even jail (on visitation days). Our taco-bar-to-go is great for any size event. Due to quality reasons we only offer the following tacos for your taco bar: pork belly, lengua, asada, carnitas, barbacoa, pollo a la crema, hongos, pollo agave, cordero, or costilla de res.

Minimum order of 10 people per package (3 tacos per person).

For parties of 10-20 we ask that you give us 24 hours notice.

For parties of 20-40+ please give us at least 48 hours notice.

We require payment by credit card the morning of the pickup.

Ask about our tamales for catering!



3300 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211

Govs Park

215 E 7th Ave, Denver, CO 80203

City Park

1514 York St, Denver, CO 80206

We offer 3 catering packages:

#1—Nada Mas

You love TACOS and don't need anything else. Choose your package (parties over 20 choose 2 types of tacos per package): pork belly, lengua, asada, carnitas, barbacoa, pollo a la crema, hongos, vegan, pollo molcajete, or cordero. See reverse for taco descriptions.


#2—Dame Mas

Nothing says love like TACOS with GUAC OR SALSA & CHIPS, so give your guests what they want! In addition to package 1 get our house-made chips and fresh-made guacamole OR salsa! See reverse for salsas.


#3—Con Dulce

Want TRES LECHES OR CHURROS with your TACOS and GUAC OR SALSA & CHIPS? Satisfy your taco craving and sweet tooth. Package one, plus house-made chips, fresh guacamole OR salsa and tres leches OR churros for dessert!



JUST-MADE LIME & SALT CHIPS - $8 One tray serves 15-20 people.

GUACAMOLE - $15 / PINT ~ $25 / QUART Pint serves 7-10 as an appetizer. Quart serves 15-20 as an appetizer.

SALSA - $8 / PINT ~ $15 / QUART Pint serves 7-10 as an appetizer. Quart serves 15-20 as an appetizer. See reverse for options.

POZOLE - $9 / PINT ~ $15 / QUART Served with chips, cabbage, chicken, sliced avocado, radish, queso fresco and fresh lime.

TRES LECHES DESSERT - $35 PER TRAY One tray serves 12 full portions or 24 half-portions

CHURROS DESSERT - $5 PER ORDER 6 individual churros.

CHAFING DISH KIT - $15 Disposable chafing dish, 2 Sterno burners, 1 large water pan, 2 half-pans for meat & tortillas.

PARTY PACKAGE - CALL FOR PRICING Compostable plates, flatware, and service-ware to adequately serve the package of choice.

Our House-made Salsas include


Mild and fresh with ripe tomato, onion, chile serrano, cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime


Roasted tomatillo & white onion, pureed with fresh garlic, chile serrano, and cilantro make for a tangy walk on the mild side


With flecks of char, this smoky blend of grilled tomato, white onion, chile serrano and garlic, make this salsa a medium masterpiece


Boiled tomato, garlic, white onion, chile serrano, pureed together for a silky salsa with medium heat


A staff favorite—chile de arbol, grilled tomato & onion, all pureed into a lush, hot fusion


Sliced radish, diced English cucumber, chile habanero, and red onion marinated in fresh lime juice with cilantro. A hot salsa for adventurous taste buds


Yucatán pico de gallo, “shnee-pek” is a chunky, hot mix of fresh tomato, white onion, chile habanero, cilantro, and fresh lime. Like to sweat? We thought so!


Strips of roasted chile habanero and onion drenched in fresh lime juice combine for a hot and tart salsa... pucker up, buttercup!